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Terahertz Microwave Anechoic Chamber

  1. Introduction
  2. Application scenarios
  • ● Equipped with test equipment such as CLP, Rhodes Watts vector network analyzer, signal source, oscilloscope, etc.

    ● Darkroom size≤8.8m(L)×7.1mW×3.9m(H)

    ● Test 5 frequency bands in the range of 18~140GHz

    ● Projection size of reflective surface: 1.0m(W)×1.0m(H)

    ● Surface accuracy of reflective surface: The overall profile accuracy is better than 20μm (RMS)

    ● Quiet zone size: 18-140GHz: not less than 0.5m diameter × 0.5m depth

    ● Amplitude: taper ≤1dB, ripple ≤±0.5dB

    ● Phase: ripple≤±8°