Global assistance to open "5G"

2019-08-13 14:26:11        0

  In the 5G era, the focus of connection has shifted from communication between people to the interconnection of all things. This will not only strengthen the connection between people, but also establish a bond of mutual inductance between people and things in the new era. Mobile data traffic will usher in an unprecedented explosive growth. . It is predicted that global mobile data traffic will increase by 5 times by 2024, and 25% of mobile data traffic will be transmitted via 5G networks by then.

  From the perspective of 5G networks, the key to achieving large bandwidth, high speed, and low latency is mainly to rely on key 5G technologies such as high-frequency millimeter waves and beamforming. Among them, Massive MIMO technology is the cornerstone of 5G. Massive MIMO can not only improve the user’s channel quality through beamforming, but also increase the system capacity with space division multiplexing (SDMA), so it has become the backbone of 4G and 5G networks. High-capacity required technology. And through the application of beamforming technology, millimeter wave spectrum will reach unprecedented large-scale coverage.

  At the 2019 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona this year, 5G naturally became the most dazzling star. Operators, equipment vendors, terminal manufacturers and chip manufacturers have all demonstrated their unique capabilities in 5G. This not only leads the development trend of communication technology, but also gives people the vision of a feast in full bloom. With the successive issuance of 5G licenses, this feast has begun. From solution providers, to equipment suppliers, to basic equipment manufacturers, without exception, will become the first beneficiaries of this feast.