Event News | Build 5G Industry "Nanshan Highland"! 2019 "Entrepreneurship Star" 5G Application Professional Competition

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      On September 5th, the final of the 5G Application Professional Competition of the Innovation Nanshan 2019 "Entrepreneurship Star" Contest was held in Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth DreamWorks. The professional competition registered a total of 235 projects, and finally 14 outstanding projects participated in the final road show. After fierce competition, the 5G base station radio frequency transceiver chip and AI-based assisted driving project won the start-up team group and the growing company group respectively; the simulation optimization platform for intelligent product design and the commercial-grade terahertz technology won the start-up team group and the growing company respectively Group 2; Lizi Cloud IoT platform, 5G massive MIMO antenna feed system and next-generation surround view driver assistance system, domestic FPGA ecosystem solution provider empowers 5G O-RAN (white box small station) to obtain start-up team group and growth respectively Third in the enterprise group.

       This year’s 5G Application Professional Competition is the first competition of the “Entrepreneurship Star” 2019. It is hosted by ZTE Corporation, executed by Horse Racing Capital, co-sponsored by the 5G Mid-High Frequency Device Innovation Center and Zhongnan Hi-Tech, and co-organized by CIMC Industry and City. The competition held a total of roadshows, theme sharing, and roundtable forums throughout the day. At the scene, Jockey Capital and "5G University" signed a strategic cooperation.

一大批有创造力的项目脱颖而出A large number of creative projects stand out

     On August 18 this year, the Central and State Council issued the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting Shenzhen's Construction of a Pilot Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics". The "Opinions" directly pointed out support for Shenzhen's construction of 5G and other major innovation carriers, and strengthened the foundation for basic research and application. Research and implement key core technology tackling actions to consolidate the foundation of industrial safety。

    Under the guidance of the "Opinions", Nanshan must be at the forefront of the development of the times and be a forge ahead, pioneer, and devotee. From the aspects of industrial layout, technological research, application demonstration, ecological construction, etc., we will continue to improve the ecology of the healthy development of the 5G industry, and build the "Nanshan Highland" of the 5G industry.

    It is reported that the Innovation Nanshan 2019 "Entrepreneurship Star" competition is guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, jointly sponsored by the Nanshan District Government and Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, and jointly organized by Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Innovation Bureau and Shenzhen Huitong Financial Holdings Fund Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Nanshan Intellectual Property Promotion Center, Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Service Center and Shenzhen Nanshan Venture Capital Co., Ltd. are jointly implemented. It is a large-scale entrepreneurial enterprise and project selection activity based in Nanshan, facing the whole country, and radiating the world.

In this year's 5G application professional competition, in addition to the main event, 4 colorful supporting activities were held around the 5G ecosystem, including training, investment institutions meeting and so on. In this competition, a large number of projects with creativity, content, rich imagination and creativity came to the fore. Horse Racing Capital revealed that in the course of the competition, some participating projects have already received actual investment from the judges.

     The commercial terahertz technology of Shengweilun (Shenzhen) Communication Technology Co., Ltd. won the second prize in the growth enterprise category of this competition. Since the beginning of its establishment, Shengweilun Communication has adhered to the road of independent intellectual property research and development and innovation as the main development. Shengweilun Communication focuses on the design and development of millimeter wave, submillimeter wave and terahertz wave wireless communication devices, high-end antennas and communication systems, and has a number of international and domestic invention patents. It is understood that Shengweilun Communication plans to focus on millimeter wave slot waveguide antennas, radio frequency integrated circuits (including ICs) and 28GHz millimeter wave small base station antenna systems in the next two years to quickly seize the domestic and foreign millimeter wave markets. At the same time, the company will combine its technical advantages in the millimeter wave and terahertz wave fields, and plan to develop a variety of high-frequency and ultra-wideband communication products for use in starry sky communications, security inspections, medical and other fields.

                                           Promote Shenzhen to be at the forefront in the 5G era

   The central government issued the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting Shenzhen to Build a Pilot Demonstration Zone for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", which regards the "high-quality development highland" as Shenzhen's first strategic positioning. "Clearly support Shenzhen to build a major innovation carrier and list 5G as the first, which shows the significance of 5G to Shenzhen and the country. Then, Shenzhen issued the "Shenzhen's First to Achieve Full Coverage of 5G Infrastructure and Promote High-quality Development of 5G Industry "Several Measures", clearly taking the lead in realizing the full coverage and independent networking of Shenzhen’s 5G infrastructure, and promoting Shenzhen to be at the forefront in the 5G era."

    2019 is the first year of 5G, and ZTE continues to make efforts in product technology and market promotion. As the world's leading supplier of 5G commercial equipment and solutions, ZTE continues to open up the world's leading end-to-end 5G core product and solution capabilities such as wireless, bearer, terminal, network slicing, and edge computing, and jointly promote the digital transformation of the industry.

   For the 5G network, ZTE has three points of thinking: First, the road is simple, using simple logic to handle complex situations; second, it is fast and not broken, using "fast" to deal with future uncertainties, and using software to define the network; 3. It is to use slicing and other technologies to make users feel the existence of the network while using high-quality network services at low cost, letting 5G become the driving force to change the world.

     As a 5G pioneer, ZTE is committed to the research and development of 5G key technologies and products. So far, it has signed strategic cooperation agreements with more than 200 industry leaders and ecological partners to jointly build a 5G ecosystem and jointly promote the healthy development of the 5G industry .

   As a platform, the professional competition is expected to become a window and bridge for communication and collaboration between innovative projects, investment institutions and ZTE. ZTE has an open industrial innovation ecology and an advanced 5G open laboratory platform, which is expected to help Nanshan Star and participating projects in 5G high-speed communications, car networking, industrial Internet, smart grid, big video, Internet of Things, AR/VR And other technical fields, to build a strategic cooperative relationship with complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.


                                          Embrace 5G, share the future of technology

At present, "national strategy + brand priority" drives 5G acceleration, and 5G has entered the fast lane. In 2019, more than 40 operators around the world announced 5G commercial deployment, far higher than the 4 operators in the first year of commercial use of 4G; China issued 5G licenses on June 6, 2019, and the three major operators have completed 100+ Pilot deployment in cities.

Song Guodong, Investment Director of ZTE Corporation, introduced the overview of the development of the 5G industry, the innovation of 5G empowered vertical industries, the impact of 5G on the industry chain, and the industry trends in the theme sharing. The 5G terminal chip industry is mature, and the progress of the three major domestic operators' frequency bands 3.5G and 2.6G chips are fully aligned. Up to now, more than 70 terminal types have been released or are under development.

5G solves the requirements of differentiated scenarios through feature combination and empowers vertical industry innovation. 5G+big video accelerates the 8K&cloud AR/VR era, 5G+Industrial Internet—create a new era of industrial Internet; 5G+Internet of Vehicles—accelerate autonomous driving and realize intelligent transportation; 5G+ smart city provides new ideas for comprehensive urban governance; 5G+ water governance realizes Xiong’an A new paradigm of smart environmental protection; 5G brings huge industrial opportunities to the whole society.

The rapid development of 5G has created direct investment opportunities. With 5G's transformation of ICT industry infrastructure, upgrading of devices, materials, and chips, and increasing demand for autonomy in chips, this field will face great investment opportunities. In addition, industries such as new processes and new materials will also face innovation opportunities.


TMT senior analyst Rong Zhineng of Tianfeng Securities Research Institute expressed his views on the long-term certainty of 5G investment, the impact of Sino-US friction on 5G, the specific pace of 5G investment construction, and the promising investment direction.

5G is the beginning of a new wave of technology, and 5G+ Internet of Things is a new round of development opportunities for the communications industry. He believes that it will focus on 9 major applications in transportation, energy, video entertainment, industry, smart cities, medical care, agriculture, finance and education.

"The rapid increase in traffic is the driving force for the industry's continued growth. Therefore, the development of 5G is expected to accelerate from a commercial perspective or from a national will." Rong Zhineng said: "As global operators accelerate the development of 5G, the main line of 5G network construction, The 5G edge network ecology and 5G application end have become key investment directions."