Sheng Weilun appeared at the International Mobile World Expo in Los Angeles, USA

2019-11-12 13:45:33        0

From October 22nd to October 24th, 2019, the 2019 Los Angeles International Mobile World Congress (GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas) was held in Los Angeles LACC Center. The organizer is the GSMA Association, one of the three major international organizations in the field of mobile communications in the world. The "Mobile World Congress" hosted by the association is a global influential exhibition event in the field of mobile communications. Its members include 218 countries and regions around the world. More than 750 mobile communication operators and more than 220 equipment manufacturers.

Los Angeles Mobile Exhibition is an industry event with the same influence as CeBIT in March in Germany and 3GSM in Spain in February. It is also a high-quality communication technology exhibition with large scale, deep influence and large number of participants among similar exhibitions in the United States. Development trends in the fields of wireless communications, mobile internet, mobile data and computers.

LG, SAMSUNG, Motorola, Nokia Siemens, Lucent Alcatel, Nokia, Ericsson, Haier, Qualcomm, Verizon, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, AT&T, and my country’s Huawei and ZTE. GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas has become an exhibition platform for Chinese mobile internet and wireless communication manufacturers to enter the US and North and South American markets.

As one of the exhibitors, Shengweilun Communication, booth number: 4706. At the exhibition site, Shengweilun Communication focused on the theme of "Committed to Connecting the Future" and concentrated on displaying core products such as 20GHz-170GHz high-frequency antennas and linking devices, terahertz core modules, and air filters (the smallest in the world).

The "Gap Waveguide Flat Panel Array" high-performance antenna invented by the core technical team of Shengweilun has filled the international and domestic gaps and is at the international leading level. The core team can skillfully use various slot waveguide theories, combined with various guided wave design methods, and can independently develop high-end phased array scanning antennas and systems from 20 GHz to 170 GHz. In point-to-point communications, 5G millimeter wave small base station antennas and small base station systems, millimeter wave devices, terahertz satellite communications, terahertz security and medical care have all made great breakthroughs, and are at the absolute technological leading level in the entire industry. Attracted customers from the United States, Canada, Finland and other countries, industry experts and buyers from various countries stopped to inquire.

CTIA wireless communication exhibition is considered to be the world's largest event focusing on mobile internet and wireless communication. It has a history of more than 20 years. The exhibition content covers network settings, wireless services, end-user software, applications and Accessories and other aspects. GSMA represents the common concern and rights of global mobile operators. Across more than 220 countries, GSMA connects nearly 800 mobile operators and more than 250 companies in the wider global mobile ecosystem, including mobile phone manufacturers, software companies, equipment suppliers, Internet companies, as well as financial and medical , Transportation and public utilities industry organizations.