5G wireless communication technology and application analysis

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5G wireless communication technology is the fifth-generation wireless communication technology after 4G. Its technology is based on cloud computing, network function virtualization, and software-defined networking, and has more advantages than previous 4G wireless communication technologies. Coupled with people’s demand for higher and higher network speeds, my country’s current wireless communication technology is focusing on the development of 5G wireless communication technology, hoping to take the lead in the competition in the international communication market and provide users with better and better Fast network service.

   1. The advantages of my country's 5G wireless communication technology

   Compared with the past 3G and 4G wireless communication technologies in my country, 5G wireless communication technology has the advantages of faster data transmission speed, lower cost and higher frequency utilization. Once the data transmission of the previous four generations of wireless communication technology encounters obstacles, complex space environment or equipment problems, it will greatly affect the network communication signal, making users often unable to connect to the wireless network. In addition, the 5G wireless communication technology is more compatible, and will not be affected by some external factors. At the same time, it can also be used with other network technologies to provide users with a better wireless network experience. .

   2. Key technologies to realize 5G wireless communication

   1. High frequency transmission technology. High-frequency transmission technology is an important guarantee for high-speed data transmission of 5G wireless communication. Specifically, high-frequency transmission technology uses high-frequency millimeter wave frequency bands, and then realizes simultaneous transmission of multiple antennas by describing the abstract data model of the multi-antenna wireless communication system Data signal, so that the capacity of the system is effectively improved. And high-frequency transmission technology can also integrate heterogeneous networks in broadband, further improve the speed of data transmission on the basis of the original wireless communication technology, and finally realize the dynamic management of 5G wireless communication, and use limited broadband resources according to the needs of users. Allocate scientifically and reasonably. 2. Construction of dense network. To continue to develop on the original wireless network, it is necessary to deploy a denser network in the area covered by the wireless communication network, thereby reducing the blind spots of network communication and increasing the network speed. Therefore, in the application of 5G wireless network communication technology, it is necessary to continuously increase the density of user cell network coverage, thereby forming dense network coverage, and ultimately improving the user experience of using the wireless communication network. 3. The adoption of a new network architecture. Since the use of the original 3G and 4G to the current 5G wireless communication network, data transmission adopts various types of wireless access technologies and their subsequent evolution technologies, so the final network will have the characteristics of seamless and strong integration. Therefore, the development of 5G wireless communication technology will necessarily become a new network architecture that combines WiFi and cellular data traffic, and 5G wireless communication technology also promotes the increase in the traffic and calculation of network base stations, so the topology of the new network The architecture will be adopted in the application of 5G wireless communication technology.

   3. The specific application analysis of my country's 5G wireless communication technology

  3.1 applies 5G wireless communication technology to the Android system. With the gradual popularization of smart mobile devices in my country and the development of 5G wireless communication technology, 5G wireless communication networks will gradually be applied to these smart mobile devices, and most of my country’s smart mobile devices still use the Android system, because the Android system is based on Based on the Linux system and gradually improving the optimization of various applications, coupled with the core nanotechnology of 5G, the technical files in the Android system can be correctly distinguished from the hardware drivers of the system. At the same time, nanotechnology in 5G wireless communication technology can also make up for the lack of confidentiality of the Android system, so that user information can be effectively protected. With the development of the times and the continuous promotion of 5G wireless communication technology, 5G smart phones will occupy an irreplaceable position in the smart phone market in my country and the world. 3.2 Apply 5G wireless communication technology to the light field camera. In addition to being widely used in smart mobile devices, 5G wireless communication technology will also be applied to new light field cameras. Compared with ordinary cameras, the light-field camera can perform basic composition before taking pictures, and then can record the corresponding optical information during the actual capture. At the same time, the light-field camera can also realize the auto-focus function according to the situation of the scene after the picture is taken. Therefore, the 5G wireless communication technology with strong information transmission speed and storage space can perfectly fit the light field camera to take pictures. And the photos taken by the light field camera have higher definition pixel quality, so the download speed and data transmission required are higher, so the 5G wireless network can provide ultra-low latency image transmission, and the light field camera due to its superior Features will occupy a huge share of the camera market, so the application of more advanced 5G wireless network communication technology in light field cameras will be the mainstream direction of future camera development.

All in all, as the 21st century is a global information age, users have also put forward more and more stringent requirements for communication. Therefore, researchers must accelerate the pace of research on 5G wireless communication technology, and make up for the current situation through a variety of new core technologies. There are shortcomings in the development of 5G wireless communication, which can truly apply 5G wireless communication technology to medical, commercial, and military fields to provide people with better communication network services, thereby promoting the rapid development of my country's wireless communication network.